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Terri Hogan

Terri Hogan

Terri Hogan is a painter of landscape and seascape and the effects that the weather has upon them.  Her work takes her to the rugged, untamed coastline of the Penwith and the Lizard in Cornwall with their huge expanses of sky, sea and land.  Walking the cliffs is central to her practice and working directly from the cliff tops and beaches that she encounters, she makes drawings and observations in her sketch books.


The starting point for all her paintings and prints comes from these drawings carried out in the open air.  Her sketch books are highly personal documents that involve her thoughts, feelings and responses to the scenes in front of her.  These drawings are often very mixed media right from the start.

Terri trained as a Painter and Printmaker at the University of Bristol and taught art for many years but, whilst teaching, continued painting and printmaking,  She made the decision to give up teaching and continue full time with her painting a few years ago.

She has exhibited widely throughout the UK and her work is held in private collections in Australia, Switzerland, Holland and France.

The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on (0)7974 255 016  to find out if other works are currently available


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