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Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca Barnard recently completed her MA (Fine Art) at Falmouth School of Art.  Based in Somerset, her creative practice is rooted in a fascination for the paradoxes and complexities of human behaviour; our relationship with ourselves and the planet over which we have temporary guardianship.  She is interested in the struggle for understanding and balance, both as a species and as an independent human being. Through the physicality of precarious and off-centred sculptures, paintings and sound works, the viewer is invited to experience a world of the unforeseeable, ingesting that sense of something off-kilter and the erratic opposing forces which help shape our every day decision making. 

Rebecca's multi-disciplinary approach incorporates sculpture, sound and film as well as her first love, painting.  She uses a variety of materials including clay, plaster, wax, found objects, paper and less identifiable detritus.

Recent works are predominantly sculptural, taking the form of the abstracted, precarious human figure, built with natural fibres and “dead” or unwanted materials in an experimental way, encouraging accidents and mistakes, often exposing structure in the finished form.  They evolve in a way which is intentionally unpredictable both in size and nature.  In this way, process and outcome meld together in a symbolic yet volatile story of the human journey. 


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