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Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca Barnard

Somerset based artist, Rebecca Barnard, was born in 1961 and is a multi-disciplinary visual and sound artist.  She is presently undertaking her MA in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art and will complete in 2023.

Her creative practice is rooted in a fascination for the paradoxes and complexities of human behaviour; our relationship with ourselves and the planet over which we have temporary guardianship.  She is interested in the struggle for understanding and balance, not just as a species but as a woman and as an independent human being.   What she refers to as "The Human Flaw;" our paradoxical ability to gain knowledge whilst failing to learn, influences much of her current work.

Her approach is multi-disciplinary and can incorporate sculpture, sound and film as well as her first love, painting.  The work is labour intensive; materiality, and experimentation are central and often part of the message.  Process is as important to her as the emotion evoked by the outcome.

“The compulsion to make is not something I can choose to turn on and off.  It is innate and constant.   The trail which leads from a curious thought to a finished artwork is like hearing a siren call which is unstoppable.  To me, that call is thrilling and when combined with the instinct to make; the whole is irresistible.”

Rebecca exhibits widely and has been selected for many prestigious exhibitions including the Royal Academy, Royal West of England Academy, The Society of Women Artists and The Mall Galleries.  She is also an RWA Network member.  Her work is now in private collections both in the UK and internationally.


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