Martin Cody

BA (Hons) in Sculpture

Former John Moores Fellow in Sculpture at Liverpool College of Art.


I make constructed sculpture that is material and tangible; that creates a presence in a space.  A single component is usually a kind of pivot for repetition of that component, or it serves as the epicentre of interrelating forms and materials.  I prefer the relationship between different qualities of materials and substances rather than working with one material or process.  However, I often find I am very ambivalent about making pieces in this way and I sometimes produce work which runs in a counter direction in order to explore this scepticism.  For these projects, I use other media and activities.

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Heritage Courtyard Associated Artist Martin Cody teams up with Somerset Artist Tony Martin

Examples of work for this exhibition can be viewed at:


11am - 4pm

Tony Martin teams up with Heritage Courtyard Associated Sculptor, Martin Cody in this joint exhibition, combining the prints and drawings to create Criss-Cross: A Kind of Music.


Tony lives and works in Somerset. He has exhibited regularly for more than three decades. His most recent collaboration - Like the Dewfall - was with poet John F. Deane.  A Kind of Music is an ongoing series of drawings and prints. The works often begin with self-imposed rules working in tandem with improvised decisions. The pieces are made in a spirit of intention and invention, with a nod to the influence of jazz and classic music. What seems like restriction gives way to the sheer pleasure of making an inky line, improvising a form or changing a planned composition.


In Criss Cross, Martin Cody's drawings, ink lines make energetic tracks from point to point across a delineated area of paper. Lines loop back into each other, forming tangles and knots. The beginning and ending of every track is affirmed with a notation, comprising of three letters and the number of moves. The notations give an impression of documentary record.


This joint exhibition combines the prints and drawings to create Criss-Cross: A Kind of Music. The overall look of linear construction is complimentary while the energies of each set contrast.


Untitled Relief Sculpture
Martin Cody
Welded steel and magnets
Martin Cody
Welded steel and cotton crepe, magnets
Martin Cody
Welded steel, cotton crepe, magnets
Martin Cody
Welded steel and cotton crepe
Bridge Piece
Martin Cody
Welded steel, timber, harddwood blocks and wedges
Study for Crush / Little Beast
Martin Cody
Digital drawing
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"To be Revealed" 2017


"To Be Revealed reflects my ambivalence about trying to make from physical materials, something that counts as art.  It is an act of slapstick - cutting up and subsequent collapse of boards and trestles - accumulating debris which might remain as such or reintegrate into something recognised as art."

Martin Cody 2017

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