Liz in front of her exhibition
Yellow Landscape
rod small nude
show opening for Public hanging
Boat by Derek Nice
Wave by Rebecca Barnard
Still LIfe Collage by Cathy Charles
Abstract by Angie Kenber
Lemon by Rebecca Barnard
Heritage Courtyard Gallery
HCS Art Gallery, Somerset
Terri Hogan is an Associated Artists
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Art Gallery, Somerset
Cathy Charles collage work
HCS Art Gallery, Somerset
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Heather Wallace artwork
Art class still life
Studio pic showing abstracts
Rebecca Barnard installation
Two Faces by Irene Dickson
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exhibitions and events 2021

COVID-19 UPDATE 19th JULY 2021 - Heritage Courtyard Gallery is now open to the public.    Those who wish to wear masks are welcome to do so and studio holders will of course respect the wishes of others with the use of masks and social distancing.  Click here to contact us. 


Platter by Kate Wilson
Platter by Kate Wilson




"The Creative process is all about allowing yourself to play. By playing and laughing, great ideas can come to the fore and develop un-inhibited."


Heather Wallace and Rebecca Barnard have worked in neighbouring studios for almost five years.  Through their continuing conversations about art, the artists who inspire them and their individual working practices, they have inspired and influenced each other in many ways. 


INSIDE OUT is the culmination of two artists’ journey through an unfathomable period in all our lifetimes.  It is an unashamed homage to the joy of sharing the creative process, as well as unwittingly becoming an unconscious record of negotiation, their humour, of testing and respecting their creative boundaries. 


Rebecca and Heather both come from figurative backgrounds.  This period of creativity has taken them both in different directions.  Yet the process forming works together came instinctively and with intuitive harmony.   During this process, they have broadly left behind the figurative detail of their previous individual works, and come together to develop an exciting and colourful visual dialogue.

Summer Exhibition 2021!



A creative dialogue between two women artists

Heather Wallace and Rebecca Barnard showcase a series of new works, both in collaboration and as individual responses to their world.

with stunning new ceramics by Kate Wilson PhD produced for this exhibition.