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Terry Flaxton RWA, FRSA

Terry Flaxton RWA FRSA

Terry Flaxton first worked with etching, photography, sound, painting and then film in 1971 and then analogue video in 1976. Terry’s first arts award came in 1979 at the Tokyo video festival and since then his work has appeared in over 250 festivals, museums, galleries, cathedrals, cinemas and television.  In 2014 terry was invited to become an Academician at the RWA.  His work is held in various international collections and is represented by sedition art:

In 2007 he received an Arts and Humanities Research Council Creative Research award and became a Senior Research Fellow at University of Bristol, researching the effects of increased resolutions on audience and practitioners alike. After winning various other AHRC awards, in 2013 he became Processor of Cinematography at University of West of England and led the Centre for Moving Image Research until 2017. He is currently working on his PhD: The impact of digital technologies on the production and consumption of moving images 2007-2016

A crucial issue for Terry in his moving image artworks is the relationship between our use of tools and the nature of the marks we make – an additional question is how the invention of those tools affects us, as we use them. In his work he continually asks how the use of technology – be it paint, chalk etching, video, VR – affects the nature of the marks we make in our search to express our relationship to eachother and the world – and importantly how our inner worlds are expressed as a reflection of the reality that surround us.

LINK TO 22 Artworks:

Terry Flaxton website: 



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