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Dawn Reader

What really inspires Dawn Reader is the way the light shines, reflects and refracts through nature.  She loves the light at dawn and dusk with the long rays of angled sunlight, together with the shortening or lengthening of shadows with time.  She aims to capture a fleeting moment that will never be repeated that somehow resonates deep within.

Dawn paints with highly pigmented oil glazes on canvas in a somewhat muted palette to capture a sense of peace and stillness of a cherished moment.  Many of her land and seascapes have an extraction of the ‘detritus’ so that she can focus more on a spiritual serenity. 


The application of light and dark in her paintings serves not only to bring depth and perspective, but also emphasizes the force and power in creation.

Dawn has an MA from Chelsea and has had many articles written about her work, including Sunday Times Style, Vogue, House and Garden and How to Spend It.  She predominantly exhibits in London and throughout the UK, but has exhibited in a few countries in Europe and in the USA.


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