Kate Wilson PhD

Studio ceramist and academic, Kate Wilson, attempts to engage the viewer through emotional engagement with the banal and sometimes the ridiculous.  Playing on an already established material knowledge of the viewer, Kate’s objects and research, question concepts of value and attachment. 


The culmination of her PhD by practice was an installation piece, The Last Full Measure of Devotion, exhibited at various venues across the country, including the Lady Chapel in Wells Cathedral in 2013.  A commemorative installation, the work consists of a loving cup for each British service life lost in Afghanistan during the conflict, individually produced from 300 grams of porcelain, equating to the average weight of the human heart.  The work offers a locus for contemplation and is an attempt to quantify the immeasurable.

The Cubist Nature of Truth
By Kate Wilson
Porcelain and copper wire
Botanotomical Jars.
Kate Wilson
Last Full Measure of Devotion
Kate Wilson
Blood, Sweat and Tears
Kate Wilson
The Past is Another Mug
Kate Wilson
Sarah and Henry
Rosewell Archbould
by Kate Wilson
Mug for an Open and Honest
by Kate Wilson
The Physical Impossibility of Death
in the Mind of Someone Living (First Attempt)
Kate Wilson
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