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Dee King

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Previously based in London, and newly arrived in Wells, Dee King, has worked as a photographer for over twenty years, on commercial and creative projects.


Her portfolio of work has taken a broad path, crossing over from celebrity events and promotional imagery for corporates, to working with charities on humanitarian causes with a global reach. Dee’s creative vision over the years, has led to her producing a number of personal photo essays on themes close to her heart.


Dee left London in a lockdown in 2021, leading to a long spell living close to nature. This was pre-empted by the need to live and travel in a campervan in the depths of the countryside for 7 months, while on a quest to find the right home for herself and her dog.


The series “Song Of Spirit” is largely a result of her time alone communing with nature during that period.


There is an emergence of something new, as Dee has also, for a number of years, been painting and drawing. There are examples of some this new work to be found in Studio 9, of the Heritage Courtyard Studios, where Dee now has a base for her creative outlet. Please do visit.

The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us at or call us on (0)7974 255 016  to find out if other works are currently available


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